Lebara Add On Large $25 International Call Pack $5 Plans Aus

Lebara is working on different points in Australia like call rates, SMS Plans, Data Plans. Lebara’s best thing is that they provide the best and economical plans for Australian customers. In this blog, we are going to discuss a Large Plan that costs us $25 for one month and International Call Pack Plan available at $5 for one month.

Lebara Australia

Large $25 Plan

This plan contains 10 GB data and best for heavy users, who use more internet MBs one their cell phones. You can subscribe Large $25 Plan SMS DATA to 126172 and this plan is valid for one month.

Validity30 days
Data10 GB
How to SubscribeSMS DATA to 126172

International Call Pack $5 Plan

International call pack costs you $5 for one month in this plan you can get $1 bonus international call credit, More minutes to call overseas $6 total int’l call credit. You can subscribe to this plan SMS IDD5 to 126172 for one month.

PlanInternational Call Pack
Validity30 days
International Call Credit$1 Bonus
International Calls$6 International call credit
How to SubscribeSMS IDD5 to 126172

Final Words

Here is the complete information about the Add ons plans International call pack and Large Plan, If you think we miss any query do let us know through comment section, Your precious thoughts and queries are useful for us and we try our best to convey best of the best information regarding to this Lebara plans for Australia.

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