Lebara Data and Minutes Bolt Ons Plans £3 for UK

When it comes to low calling rates with high-speed internet, The first thing that came into our mind is Lebara. This telecommunication company working in different countries with the best customer reviews. So here we go through Data and Minutes Bolt Ons Plans for the UK with complete detail one by one.

Lebara Lowest Call Plans for the UK

Data bolt-on now 3GB

Here we have Data bolt-on now 3GB from Data and Minutes Bolt Ons from Lebara UK. You can get 3GB 4G internet only at £3.00 for one month. This plan is the best option for those who use the internet and did not call or texts, Because nowadays everything comes on the internet, That’s why this plan is the best for the students.

PlanData bolt-on now 3GB

Terms and Conditions

To opt-in by SMS send B1GB to 38885

Lebara customers who are opted into a plan which contains data (e.g. UK Plus, UK Plan, SIM Only Plan, Data Pass, All In One or Flexi Plans) can purchase additional data bolt-ons should they exceed their data allowance. You can add any number of bolt-ons to your existing plan. As your bolt-on is connected to your existing plan, it will expire at the same time.

Please note, due to this, any data purchased under your bolt-on which is not used before the plan expires will be lost. Your data bolt-on will not auto-renew. You need to purchase a separate bolt-on as and when needed.

3GB FOR £3 is a limited promotion for data bolt-ons between 3rd Dec 2019 and 15th Jan 2020. Bolt-ons can only be purchased when you have an existing plan which includes data and mins ( eg. SIM Only or All in One plan) and expires alongside the original parent plant.

National bolt-on £3

National bolt-on has 200 National minutes to the United Kingdom all this you can get £3 for one month. Here is the best plan for those people who want to make local calls (within a country) to keep in touch with the special ones.

PlanNational bolt-on £3
National Minutes200 National Minutes to the United Kingdom

Terms and Conditions

To opt-in by SMS send B3N to 38885.

International bolt-on £3

Here we have the last plan on the category of Data and Minutes-Bolt Ons. International bolt-on has 50 minutes to international countries. (41 countries included for international calls).

PlanInternational bolt-on £3
International Minutes50 Minutes

Terms and Conditions

To opt-in by SMS send B3I to 38885.

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