Lebara Entertainment Bundles $170, $210, $250 for Australia

Lebara is also working on the Entertainment plans, Its an interesting feature. From this point, you can understand the proper way of customer satisfaction by the Lebara company. Lebara is providing Entertainment Plans in Australia with different price ranges. You can select any plan according to your usage and use it for 30 days validity. So this is the best chance to grab your Entertainment plan from Lebara Australia.

Lebara Entertainment Plans

So here we go show the detail of every single plan that comes on this platform. First, we have on our list is Small 180Day+Entertainment that costs you $170 for one month. Second, on the list, we have Medium 180 Day+Entertainment $210 for 30 days, Third and last we have Large 180 Day + Entertainment with $250 monthly charges. Now we describe each plan separately with detail.

Small 180 Day+Entertainment $170 Plan

Small 180 Day+Entertainment plan cost you $170 for one month, In this entertainment plan by Lebara you can get 6GB high-speed internet for 30 days, Half-year Yupp TV Pack, along with RRP $205. There is another best feature in this plan you can get Unlimited standard talk to 20 countries.

PlanSmall 180 Day+Entertainment
Validity30 days
Yupp TV6 Month Access
Talk TimeUnlimited Standard Talk to 20 countries

Here is the list of 20 countries where you can use the standard talk time when you subscribed to Entertainment Plans. You can save in this plan up to $95.

List of 20 Countries where you can use the standard talk time

Entertainment Plans Countries

Medium 180 Day + Entertainment $210 Plan

Here we have another entertainment plan by the Lebara Australia, Medium 180 Day + Entertainment Plan this plan cost you $210 for 30 days. In this plan, you can get 12 GB High-speed internet, RRP $250, Unlimited Standard talk to 30 countries, Yupp TV 6 month access along with ZEE5 6 month access.

PlanMedium 180 Day +Entertainment Plan
Validity30 days
Yupp TV6-month access
ZEE56-month access
Talk TimeUnlimited Standard Talk to 30 countries

 Complete list of 30 countries where you can use Standard talk time

30 countries for standard talk lebara

Large 180 Day + Entertainment $250

This is the last entertainment plan by Lebara Australia, Large 180 Day + Entertainment costs you $250 for 30 days. In this plan, you can get 22GB high-speed internet, Yupp TV access for 6 months, ZEE5 6 month access, Unlimited standard talk time to 45 countries, you can save $155 up to in Larg 180 Day+Entertainment $250 plan.

PlanLarge 180 Day+Entertainment
Validity30 days
YUPP tv6-month access
ZEE56-month access
Talk timeUnlimited Standard Talk to 45 countries

List of 45 Countries where you can use the standard talk time

standard talk time for 45 countries

Entertainment Plans by Lebara

Here is the complete information of all the entertainment Plans by Lebara Australia, If you think we miss any information regarding any plan you can comment below on the comment section so that we will provide you the required information.

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