Komplett Bundle Minutes bolt-ons Lebara 4.99€ to 9.99€

Lebara Komplett bundle we have another best feature, In this feature, you can choose 2 Minutes bolt-ons plans if you want to use extra minutes instead of changing your subscribed plan. For this purpose, you need to pay some extra money and enjoy call minutes.


Additional minutes to use for the duration of your plan-The best thing in this plan is you can choose whenever you need.

Plus 200 International Minuten

In Plus 200 International Minuten you can get 200 international minutes to 50 countries only on 4.99€ subscription charges.

Plus 200 International MinutenPrice
200 International mins to 50 countries4.99€

Plus 500 International Minuten

In this plan from Lebara Komplett bundle, we can get 500 International minutes only on 9.99€.

Plus 500 International MinutenPrice
500 International mins to 50 countries9.99€.

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