Lebara Mobile Broadband Packages Denmark kr. 299, 00

Lebara is now world growing cellular network, That is providing its services all around the globe with satisfied customer reviews. This time we are going to describe another country with Lebara network. Lebara is proudly working in Denmark with the best price packages.

Lebara Mobile Broadband Denmark

100 GB £99.00 Denmark Lebara Plan

Here we have on the list Lebara Mobile Broadband Denmark Packages, In this, we have 100 GB £99.00 Plan in which you can get 100GB High-Speed 4G internet for 30 days. You need to pay £99.00 for 30 days.

Plan100GB Mobile Broadband
Data100 GB
Validity30 days

4GB Mobile Broadband Lebara Denmark Plan

Here is another plan in Broadband Denmark packages, 4GB is available at $49.00 for 30 days. This is the best option for those who use less mobile internet.

Plan4GB Mobile Broadband
Data4 GB
Validity30 days

300 GB Lebara Denmark Broadband Plan

In this Mobile Broadband plan, you can get 300 GB Lebara 4G High-Speed internet for 30 days. You need to pay $199.00 to activate this plan.

Plan300GB Mobile Broadband
Data300 GB
Validity30 days

500 GB Mobile Broadband Plan

This is the last one on the category of Lebara Denmark Mobile Broadband Packages. In this plan, you can get 500 GB High-Speed 4G internet for 30 days. You need to pay kr. 299, 00 to get this plan.

Plan500 GB
Pricekr. 299, 00
Data500 GB
Validity30 Days

Terms and Conditions for Broadband Plans

1 – Contents of a data package

1.1 4GB, 100GB, 300GB or 500GB data are contained in the data packet, respectively.

1.2 Data packets do not include data for use in the EU (roaming). In roaming, you are charged per. MB.

1.3 The speed of mobile data in a given area depends, inter alia, on of your physical location, number of concurrent users, as well as a variety of coverage conditions such as woodlands and hills. We offer 4G mobile data with a max. speed of 71 Mbit / s download and 43 Mbit / s upload. You will usually experience speeds of between 30% and 80% of this.

1.4To use mobile data, you need a mobile phone with internet access, or a USB modem or a PC with the option of inserting a SIM card. Purchasing a USB modem is your responsibility as a customer and Lebara does not guarantee the functionality of the data packages, nor do we assume any responsibility for the lack of functionality due to faulty USB modems or incorrect/incorrect configuration of the Internet settings.

2 – Purchase of a data package

2.1 To use the data packages, you must be a Lebara customer and have an active SIM card. If you don’t already have a SIM card, you can order it for free here.

2.2 There is no return policy on data packages as you will have the product made available immediately.

3 – Validity of a data packet

3.1 Your data pack is valid for 30 days from activation, after which unused data expires. The period of validity is continuous and therefore does not follow a calendar month.
If you use the package within 30 days, it will be automatically renewed, see section 4.

You can get a subscription/data package switched to credit. You must send an email to customer service. The email must include the phone number, SIM card number, and valid photo ID. The ID must be transmitted encrypted with a separate transmitted password. Credit switching is calculated linearly. If 27 days have elapsed from the activation of a 30-day package, 10% of the package’s original purchase price will be added as credit. The credit can be used to call, chat services, train tickets, other packages, etc.

4 – Renew a data package

4.1 The data package will be automatically renewed after 30 days or when used through your credit card.

5 – Switching data packets

5.1 If you want to switch to a different size data package, you must first unsubscribe from the current MyLebara package under “My Products”. Then you can buy another size data package at lebara.dk which will then be the package that will be renewed automatically.
5.1 When changing packages, you will be deducted in the future for the price of the new package.

6 – Unsubscribe from a data packet

6.1 You must actively opt-out of the automatic renewal of your data package in your MyLebara account.

7 – Track your usage on your data package

7.1 You can track your consumption at any time and inform you of the remaining MB data using the following options:

  • On MyLebara
  • Via SMS with the word “balance” to 5010
  • When calling 50101234, select option 1

7.2 We will send you an SMS with a warning when you have 1 GB of data left of your included data.

8 – Prices in addition to the data package

8.1 If you need to talk, send SMS or other services that are not included in your data package, you should consider regular talk time in your talk time account. Then apply the prevailing price profile at all times.

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