Mobile Broadband Plans $20, $35, $45 Lebara Australia

Mobile Broadband Plans by Lebara Australia has three options, In these three Plans, you can get Mobile Internet, Standard Talk or many other things. So let’s take a look at Small $20 Plan, Medium $30 and Large $45 plan with complete detail.

Lebara Mobile Broadband Plans Australia

Small $20 Plan

Small Plan costs you $20 for one month, In this plan, you can get 15 GB data, Data banking up to 200GB.

What is Data Banking?

Nobody likes wasting so why should your data be any different? Lebara plans now come with up to 200GB mobile data banking so you can keep your unused data each month.

How Does Data Banking Work?

If for example you get 36GB on your first month and at the end of the month you’ve only used 30GB. Instead of losing the remaining 6GB of mobile data, it will rollover to your bank where you can store it for as long as you continue your Lebara service. At the expiry of a subscriber’s plan, and if they have a data bank, they have a 48-hour grace period to purchase another eligible plan, otherwise, they lose their data bank balance.

PlanBroadband Small Plan
Validity30 days
Data Banking Up to200 GB

Medium $35 Plan

This is another plan option by the Broadband Plan by Lebara Australia. Medium Plan gives you 30GB data with 200GB data banking all these things cost you only $35 for two months.

PlanBroadband Medium Plan
Validity60 days
Data Banking Up to200 GB

Large $45 Plan

This is the last plan on the list of Broadband plans, Large gives you high-speed 45GB internet with the lowest price $45 for three months, In this plan, you can also get 200GB Data banking up to.

PlanBroadband Large Plan
Validity90 days
Data Banking Up to200 GB

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